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The Flyer from Singapore, known all over the world as Singapore Flyer, is a must see destination if you come in the metropolis from South-East Asia. It’s a very popular tourist objective for tourists from all over the world who come here. It was built recently between 2005 and 2008 and was inaugurated on 11th February 2008 and since then it has an increasingly importance. The construction of the second biggest observation wheel in the world (after the High Roller from Las Vegas) cost 240 millions of Singapore dollars (over 115 millions of pounds).

Initially Singapore Flyer wheel was rotating counter clockwise, but today is moving clockwise due to the fact that feng-shui masters said that rotating counter clockwise will bring bad luck to Singapore City. Beginning with 4th August 2008 the technicians made the wheel to rotate clockwise. Each capsule has air condition and you have the possibility to drink a glass of champagne or to have a dinner, because you have your own waiter. This popular tourist objective attracts annually millions of tourists.